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  • The Prepstove with fuel ready to go
  • looking in the tinder box
  • view of Prepstove feed tray
  • Close up of feed tray on Prepstove
  • Prepstove ready to ignite fuel in tinder box
  • Fuel is burning in the Prepstove tinder box
  • Fire if ready to cook in the Prepstove
  • The Prepstove is ready to boil water
  • Boiling water on the Prepstove
  • Water boiling on the Prepstove and ready for food prep

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  1. Mini Prep and accessories

    Mini Prep


    Using readily available denatured alcohol, this 2 oz screw top stove can boil water or heat up a small meal in minutes. Mineral wool wick material will last through years of occasional use. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a pricey backpacking stove? When you’re done cooking, blow it out, screw on the lid, throw it in your pack, and get going!

    • Includes 2oz (max capacity) Stove and box wire cup stand
    • Denatured alcohol not included
    • 1oz of denatured alcohol will burn for approximately 12 minutes. Boil times will vary depending on conditions
    • High quality aluminum cups that hold the entire assembly available on checkout as an add-on option.
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  2. Packer Prep folded

    Packer Prep


    The Pack Prep Stove is a smaller, collapsible version of the Prep Stove, perfect for throwing in your backpack or bug out bag. Learn More
  3. The Prep Stove

    The Prep Stove



    Food Preparation Insurance for When Disaster Strikes...

    The AMERICAN MADE Prep Stove (patent-pending) will allow you to cook a basic meal and ensure pathogenically-safe drinking water using only the fuel that you can find around you. With the sticks and other biomass fuels you probably have in your backyard, you can make a cooking fire in the Prep Stove that will ensure that, in an emergency, you and your family will have one of your basic needs met.  


    • Made in America!  Made in America!  Made in America!  Made in America!
    • 20 gauge 304 Stainless Steel
    • 9.5 X 6 X 7 (9.5 length from handle to outside fuel ledge)
    • Approximately 4.3 lbs
    • Inner insulation chamber for focused and efficient heat
    • Stable,square cook top allows for a wide variety of pot/pan sizes
    • Can accommodate most forageable biomass fuels (wood, pine needles, brush, etc.)
    ***Discount available for all Active Duty/Active Reserve Military AND Armed Services Veterans (verification required)***

    Follow us on Twitter @prepstove; Like us on Facebook (/prepstove); See the stove in action on YouTube (search "prepstove").
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